Annual Conference 2018 in Saskatoon

It's almost time for our annual conference. This year our guest speakers include:

  • Evangelist Jim Felix from Prince Albert,
  • Evangelist Kurt Bodenmann from Switzerland,
  • Rabbi Gennady Livshits of House of David Ministry in Montreal,
  • Prophetic Peter Kelleher of Long Island NY,
  • Evangelist Corinne Lewis of Fallon NV, and
  • Evangelist Charlie Matute of Miami FL.

Just one service can change your life. Experience the power and anointing of God through music and prayer. For more information phone 1 (866) 761-7729

Dates and Times

Date Time
Friday, September 21 7:00 pm
Saturday, September 22 1:30 pm & 7:00 pm
Sunday, September 23 10:30 am & 7:00 pm


Jim Felix

Jim Felix Jim Felix is our feature speaker. He is a First Nations Cree Artist from Sturgeon Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been in the ministry for over 20 years and has traveled extensively across the country of Canada and many parts of the United States.

Jim has an anointing and a unique style of ministry that brings inspiration to both the young and old everywhere. He has written over 80 inspirational songs and has produced 17 albums. Jim has appeared on numerous television programs including a live tapping on, Trinity Broadcasting Network, (TBN), in Los Angeles, California. His music is heard in FM radio stations throughout Canada and USA. Jim's albums, "Keep the Faith" and "Contagious" have been both nominated at the Native American Music Awards.

Kurt Bodenmann

Kurt Bodenmann 12 years of drug and alcohol abuse and 7 near-death experiences (suicide attempt, alcohol overdose, heroin overdose and medication abuse) start Kurt's story. He died, saw, heard, and smelled hell. But he came back to life to tell his amazing story, and now God uses him for praying for the sick and those that need to be healed and set free.

Rabbi Gennady Livshits

Gennady Livshits Rabbi Gennady Livshits and Pastor Ray Martell have been working together since the early days of their ministries.

In 1985 Jesus touched Gennady's heart in a dramatic supernatural experience. It was in 1991, when God's calling on Gennady's life was put into action. He began working for Sid Roth's "Messianic Vision." This Ministry was to pioneer a new congregation amongst the Russian Jewish people in New York City. In 1993 the Lord led the Livshits family to Edmonton, Alberta, to establish their home. Gennady began traveling with his eldest son Larry, ministering in many cities and rural towns all over Canada and the USA. In his travels across North America, Gennady has seen deliverance, healing, and other manifestations of God's Power.

Peter Kelleher

Peter Kelleher Rev. Peter Kelleher operates in a unique prophetic and teaching anointing. He has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, working with Pastors to teach and release the prophetic Word of God to the Body of Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit, he speaks into individual lives to bring revelation of God’s plan and purposes. Rev Peter has prophetically ministered with Apostle Ray Martell for the past 20 years resulting in salvation, healing, and restoration to many. We are entering into a season where God is releasing special miracles for provision supernaturally through impartation by the Word of the Lord.  God is raising up a nation of people that will walk in the supernatural power of God.

Rev Peter is President of Jesus Is Joy Ministries, Inc. and producer of NewHopeToday.TV Contact him at

Corinne Lewis

Corinne Lewis Corinne Lewis is anointed, appointed, and on fire for God. She is an evangelist Native American International preacher. Corinne received a vision from God while in prison but it took a number of years before she answered His call. The Holy Spirit became strong in her heart and spirit and she began hitchhiking and witnessing before ending up in the state of Nevada. Corinne went through a lot of trials and tribulations but wants people to know God's love is faithful and He never gives up on you.

Charlie Matute

Charlie Matute Charlie Matute is an Evangelist from Miami Florida.


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